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“Rebecca created a well-rounded, in depth marketing plan for Thrive Lounge website. She gave us tailored, specific lead generation ideas for building our email list. She also provided us with SEO tips for our social media pages and tips for how to better integrate social media with our website. She combed through our website and caught dead links and pointed out specific opportunities where we could make our content more shareable. She even provided feedback on our Facebook ads and blog posting strategy. She’s very professional, responds quickly, and clearly knows her stuff. I’m incredibly happy with the social media plan she created for our website and look forward to working with her again in the future.”

Chantl Martin

Co-Founder, Thrive Lounge

“Rebecca worked with me to create a marketing plan for my travel business, La Artista Travels, and I am so happy with the results! First of all, the process was very professional – my marketing plan was delivered in a clean, well-organized presentation exactly when she said it would be. I really felt that Rebecca took the time to analyze the data from my already existing Google Analytics, Adwords, and Facebook Ad accounts to provide me with a clear plan and feedback on what was working for me and what I should turn my focus away from. It’s such a relief to have a clearer idea of what direction I should be moving in! I’m eternally grateful for her hard work and professionalism. Highly recommended!”

Hannah Zoe

Owner, La Artista Travels


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